[Tu^^] - 2013

digital video - MP4 - H264 − 3'38

Keyboard-brain-history-keyboard-finger-screen-keyboard-memory-finger-code-screen-finger-brain-and your words, inside binary victim of - And comes errors, beautiful things outside.

Fingers are sliding on a trackpad, writing on a keyboard, a form of communication is taking place. Between you and me? Between my computer and me? Between the network and me?
This video is a short experiment about ours digitals relationships and the obsession of communication. The digital artefacts in the images are generated by inserting words (in french and english) directly in the source code of the video file. The words inserted inside the code are revealed using subtitles. The computer "answers" to these misunderstood words generating errors, making come out his sensitive side, his capacity to manage disorder in binary code.
(subtitles voluntarily alternate French, English and computer language and are integral part of the experimental setup, I choose to not translate them)
Production : Laboréales/ Manège.Mons. Mentor : Madeleine Aktypi.
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