La Maison des Gharib (The Gharib's house) - 2008

Wood, fences, text - H 200 x L 500 x W 80 cm

Presented at the exhibition "Masarat/Palestine" in Maison Folie, Mons. The idea was to put the visitor in a small cage, as the Gharib family house that I saw during my travel in Jerusalem one year before. At the same time the cage blocked the visitor access to the rest of the exhibition, forcing him to walk back to the whole exhibition. The text telling the history of the family was outside the cage, as the visitor oustide the informations that the ones inside didn't have.
Inhibition - 2008

Plaster, paint - Variable dimensions

An attempt to determine the gesture of inhibition
Refuge #1, #2 & #3

fluorescent tubes,

Jardins (Gardens) - 2007

PVC and steel tubes,
various packanging,
seeds and mud

Variable dimensions

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