DATA.ME - 2013 - Solo - Duration 30 mn

The performance DATA.ME starts from a familiar situation, a chat. The purpose of the chat is not clear it's even rather confusing, code, pictures, love, virtual relation, virus. But after a while the discussion gets more and more complex, images, sounds who pop up and come disturbing, invading the screen. Drilling a path towards intimacy, penetrating in a relationship between man and machine, through words, through code.
The analogy brain/computer is starting to settle, words and codes mixing themselves generating errors, beautiful errors.
Until it finally crashes?

Production : Laboréales 2013, Coproduction manège.mons, La Bellone (Brussels), la Balsamine (Brussels), Buda Kunstcentrum (Kortrijk), The CAS and the CIFAS

Text in french from Madeleine Aktypi on her blog :

Here are some samples of videos projected during the performance >>>
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